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How your bill is calculated:

Unmetered bills

If your business premises doesn’t have a water meter, you will be billed on the rateable value or an Assessed Charge. To find out which tariff your bill is based on, check your water bill in the Account Summary section under Account type on page 1.

Rateable Value Bills

Rateable values were originally assessed by the Valuation Department of your local council for the purpose of calculating general rates, but they were also used by water companies as a basis for their water charges. The charge is one set rate for the year and is not dependent on how much water is used. You will receive a bill annually to cover the period of the 1st April to the following 31st March. The bill can be paid in one annual instalment, in 2 instalments in April and October or monthly over 10 months.

If you are interested in having a water meter, please contact us. 

Assessed Charge Bills

A premises is charged on an Assessed Charge when a water meter cannot be installed. This is charged in the same way as the rateable value and one bill is produced every year in February. The assessed charge is an annual sum which is designed to reflect the estimated usage of water on the relevant premises and is based on the characteristics of the premises.

Metered bills

If your premises has a water meter, you will be billed as per the two elements below:

1. A variable volumetric charge which is based on a rate for each cubic metre of water recorded by the meter(s) (or estimated by us). There are different volumetric rates depending on the geographic area in which the premises are located and the meter reading frequency (monthly or six-monthly).

2. A fixed standing charge, which is an annual sum based on the size of the meter and the meter reading frequency (monthly or six-monthly).

The details of the water meter and the amount of water you are being charged for can be found on page 2 of your water bill, underneath the heading “Your water meter readings.”

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