How the market is changing

From April 2017, businesses and other non-household customers in England will be able to choose their water and wastewater provider, just as they can for electricity and gas.

Until recent legislation changes, there was no market for water services – like domestic supply, businesses had no choice who to buy their water from and had to pay their local water company. Now it's all change.

From April 2017, the local water companies will be known as ‘wholesalers’, and will continue to supply the water you use and the infrastructure delivering water and removing wastewater, whereas the companies you will pay these water services for will now be known as ‘retailers’.

Ofwat, the regulatory body for the water industry, believes this change will allows businesses to benefit from:

  • Lower bills and better value for money
  • Better customer service
  • More tailored services to suit your business needs
  • Better water efficiency

We agree, and welcome the opportunity to demonstate why we believe we are the water supplier of choice.

You can find more information about the opening of the market and the benefits to you on the Open Water website.

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